The Innsbruck Team Challenge

2018-11-25 13:10:00
Innsbruckring 6 Laps 53 km
All riders visible
ZwiftPower category overrides wkg
Category winners must wear a HRM
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
No ZPower winners
C D +5 mins (Categories enforce w/kg boundary) Innsbruckring (Zwift Insider verified) (Easy)

This is a team event with a maximum of 6 members per team and the first 3 to count.
Riders must enter in the highest Cat they have raced in for the last 90 days.

Cat Limits
A 4.0W/Kg and above
B 3.2 W/Kg to 3.99 W/Kg
C 2.5 W/Kg to 3.19 W/Kg
D 2.49 W/Kg and below

Teams need to be identified as shown. TFC A1 for all TFC team A1 members. TFC A2 for all TFC A2 members etc.
There will be 4 Open Category’s A, B, C, D. and 4 Ladies Category’s A, B, C, D
There will be 4 category winners in both the Open and Ladies challenge.
Teams can be separate Mens and Ladies or mixed.
The ladies results will be removed and resorted after the race.
With separate Open and Ladies Team winners derived from the category points.

Scoring – Category
All finishing riders get a point, first rider 1, second 2 etc.
The first 3 finishers in each team to count towards the teams total.
There will be additional (negative) points for KoM and Sprint segments as per times in ZP
Points will be awarded as follows 5 for the fastest down to 1 for both KoM and Sprint segments
Points will be taken off the teams category total.
Scoring – Overall
The winning team in each category will receive 1 pt with the 2nd team receiving 2 pts and so.
Each team needs to score in at least three categories to qualify for the overall team Challenge
The three best category scores for each team will count.
The team with the lowest total category scores wins either the Open or Ladies challenge
Ladies Team Race
Rules, Courses, Entry and Scoring for the Ladies Challenge will be the same as the Open Challenge except each team will need to score in at least two categories to qualify for the ladies team challenge.
Please Note: ZPower riders with avg. W/Kg over the duration of the race of greater than 3.99 W/Kg will not be eligible for Cat or Race wins. Riders producing over 6 W/Kg average for 5 minutes will be DQ.

# Rider Time Lag Primes avg watts NP 20m 5m 2m 1m 30s 15s 5s Avg Max Type ID Age Before Result Gain
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# Rider Main Sprint Box Hill Forward Sprint Second Sprint Reverse KOM Forward KOM Reverse Sprint Forward Sprint Volcano Climb Volcano Circuit Alpe du Zwift Jungle Circuit Forward Epic Reverse Epic Volcano Circuit London Loop Fox Hill Leith Hill Keith Hill Forward KOM Forward Sprint UCI Lap Reverse Sprint Reverse KOM UCI Lap Libby Hill 23rd Street NY Climb Forward Central Park Loop NY Sprint NY Climb Reverse NY Sprint 2 Central Park Reverse Fuego Flats Short Fuego Flats Long TT Lap Titans Grove Reverse Titans Grove Forward TBA Type
Creation Date Rider Equipment / Filenames 5sec 15sec 1min 5min 20min
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# Rider Time avg power avg w/kg bpm type Category
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