Tour of London - Stage 2

2018-12-23 10:10:00
Triple Loops 1 Laps 41 km
All riders visible Scoreboard Late joining Women only category
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
A C +2 mins Distance: 41.4km Elevation Gain: 566m Strava route


Are you ready for the 2nd Annual Tour of London? Finish all the stages of this 5-stage event and you’ll earn an exclusive kit.

The Tour of London brings together Zwifters of all abilities. Some just want to explore the London course. Others hammer for their PR up Leith Hill. And some put their head down and go as hard as they can. How you ride the Tour is up to you.

Although it’s not a race, the action ramps up right from the start. Riders will push hard at each stage, competing as they head towards the finish. Choose a group based on the distance you want to ride and go at your own pace. There’s also a group just for women. Want to ride with a different group on different stages? No problem. Have fun, chat with fellow Zwifters, and be generous with those Ride Ons.


Zwifters who finish all 5-stages will unlock the official Tour of London kit. Completing the event is the only way to unlock this badge of honor — so don’t miss your chance. Finishers will receive their kit before December 31, 2018.


No, it's a personal challenge against the clock. Some participants will ride the event like a race, but there is no podium at the end of the Tour of London. It's all about getting on the bike, pushing yourself, and completing all 5 stages.


- A Group (Men and Women) = The A Group is open to men and women.

- C Group (Women-only) = The C Group is just for women.

Both groups ride the same distance for Stage 2. Zwifters can join different groups on different stages.


The action moves to the Surrey Hills for Stage 2 of the Tour of London and includes both the Leith Hill and Box Hill climbs. All groups ride the same distance for this stage.

Detailed course info:


ROUTE: Triple Loops
LAP DISTANCE: 40.8 km / 25.4 mi
ELEVATION GAIN: 544 m / 1725 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 40.8 km / 25.4 mi

C GROUP (Women Only)

ROUTE: Triple Loops
LAP DISTANCE: 40.8 km / 25.4 mi
ELEVATION GAIN: 544 m / 1725 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 40.8 km / 25.4 mi

Good luck Zwifters!

Team assignments
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