Tour de Zwift - Stage 6

2019-01-19 15:00:00
Road to Sky 1 Laps 17 km
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A C +2 mins Distance: 17.6km Elevation Gain: 1047m Starts from: Jungle Pens Strava route


The Tour De Zwift is our biggest cycling event ever. An epic 9-stage event across all 5 Zwift worlds. Open to the entire community, the Tour is a celebration of Zwift and the worlds within. You’ll experience the best of Zwift, together with thousands of people riding by your side. It’s not a race, but a giant party on wheels and a great way to experience Zwift.

Whether you’re new to Zwift or a veteran of past tours, join the fun. Ride as many stages as you like. If you miss a stage, no worries! We’ll be scheduling 2 make-up days at the end of the Tour.


No, it's a personal challenge against the clock. Some participants will ride the event like a race, but there is no podium at the end of the Tour de Zwift. It's all about getting on the bike, pushing yourself, and completing all 9 stages.


Hard works pays off when you complete all 9 stages. You’ll unlock the official Tour de Zwift kit and add the exclusive jersey to your collection. Finishing all 9 stages is the only way to score the commemorative kit.


- A Group (Men & Women) = Men and women can join this group.
- C Group (Women-only) = This group is only for women.


Here comes the queen stage. We’re back to Zwifters’ favorite world: Watopia. We’ll start in the Mayan Ruins, which you may remember from Stage 1, and then it begins. Alpe Du Zwift. With over a thousand meters of climbing, this is the biggest mountain in all of Zwift. It’s based on the Alpe d’Huez, which is ridden regularly in the Tour de France, and is just as difficult. Pace yourself Zwifters! Plan for an hour to an hour and a half of climbing or more. Make it up and you’ll be on top of the world.

More info:

A GROUP (Men & Women)

WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Road To Sky
LAP DISTANCE: 19.9 km / 12.4 mi
ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 1144 m / 3752 ft
LEAD-IN DISTANCE: 7.7 km / 4.8 mi
TOTAL DISTANCE WITH LEAD-IN: 27.6 km / 17.2 mi

C GROUP (Women Only)

WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Road To Sky
LAP DISTANCE: 19.9 km / 12.4 mi
ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 1144 m / 3752 ft
LEAD-IN DISTANCE: 7.7 km / 4.8 mi
TOTAL DISTANCE WITH LEAD-IN: 27.6 km / 17.2 mi


- Ride all 9 Stages to unlock the Tour de Zwift kit
- Each stage will occur over 2 days
- Choose from any of the multiple event times each day
- You only need to ride the stage once on the day and time of your choice
- We will be offering 2 “make-up” days. This will be 2 days where we will have Stages 1-9 available for you to complete to make up for any stages that you missed.
- These make-up days will be after stage 9

Good luck Zwifters!

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