Top-End Tuning

2019-05-30 01:10:00
London Classique Reverse 44 minutes
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5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
E 1 lap London Classique Clokwise (Flat)


Top-end Tuning is a short but focused session, aimed at developing your Aerobic Capacity and top end Speed. In terms of physical stress - the session is regarded as 'moderate' - one that can be completed following a hard ride the day before, and should not leave your legs too fatigued the next day. This session is regarded as a form of 'High Intensity Interval Trainng' (HIIT) and fits in perfectly alongside longer endurance rides on the weekend.


Matt Rowe - Heavily involved in cycling for the past 25 years, Matt represented Great Britain at the Junior World Championships before graduating to the pro ranks. Matt draws on his extensive race experience to help amateur cyclists around the world achieve their personal goals.


Zwifters line up in the starting area just like a normal event and once the event starts, workout mode begins. Everyone stays together regardless of power output. That's right, if you're outputting 100W and another Zwifter is outputting 400W you will stay in exactly the same position relative to each other. Only if you stop pedaling and fall 6 meters behind the group will the rubber-banding stop.

We highly recommend doing one of the FTP tests as the estimated FTP can be inaccurate and make the difficulty level of the workouts too high for your current fitness level. For more info on FTP go to: ... d-in-Zwift

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