Zwift Time Trial Tuesday: Bologna

2019-07-02 18:00:00
Bologna Time Trial 1 Laps 8 km
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E Distance: 8km Elevation Gain: 236m Strava route


Zwift's Time Trial mode for Events offers up a unique take on a classic race format. Time Trials may be configured to start in a more classic "one at a time" approach or in a unique (semi-) mass-start format. Unlike previous events with a field limit - which was applied based on people entering the event, for Time Trials, an event is full once the maximum number of potential participants sign up.

Sign-up is best done through the Zwift Companion (ZC) app, as this will enable you to see your assigned start time. You can sign up via any of the traditional means, but only ZC is configured to actually display your own specific start time. And your start time may be as much as 30 min after the start of the Event itself, so use ZC to signup for the best experience!

All riders will start one at a time. Riders in the same row are staggered by 1 second from left-to-right in the paddock. Each subsequent row is then staggered by a fixed amount. For this event, the stagger between rows is 15 seconds. Enough time to give you someone up the road to chase but not so crowded that you can't focus on racing the clock.


Time Trials offer a unique HUD (Heads Up Display) that emphasizes that this is a race against the clock! You'll also see intermediate timing checkpoints. In Bologna, there are eight of these - one every 1km; in Watopia on the Tempus Fugit course, there are four - each one breaking up the course at a distinct landmark. A center clock timing you to 100ths of a second will keep you on task and you can use the minimap to track your progress.


* Rather than having an Event start time, each rider will receive their own individual start time when signing up in Zwift Companion; you can still sign up on the web or in-game, but you won't be shown your explicit start time until you enter the paddocks.
* Drafting is disabled for all Zwift Time Trials.
* Time Trial bikes are not required. You can use any bike in your Garage.
* Results for time trials are pending until all riders have finished. You'll see other riders populate the results screen as they finish and your placing will be updated accordingly. Use ZC for final results information.


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