Zwift Fondo Series

2020-01-05 14:00:00
Zwift Gran Fondo 1 Laps 98 km
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The Zwift Fondo Series is back!

So what’s a fondo? It’s a giant group ride, with a ride-at-your-own-pace style that many newcomers are sure to love. Seasoned riders, get ready to put your legs to work. This mega-event brings together tons of Zwifters riding to make their best time and unlock THREE new exclusiv


The Zwift Fondo Series comes in three different endurance challenges: Gran, Medio, and Bambino. Choose your preferred ride based on your fitness or personal goals. This is not a race, but some will choose to ride it like one. Do what’s comfortable, and go at your own pace. If this is your first fondo or big group ride, welcome. We hope you have a blast!

Unlike other Zwift events, the A, B, and C groups of the Fondo don’t refer to rider strength or fitness. Instead, they correspond to route and distance options.

- Gran Fondo // A Group = The most challenging route.

- Medio Fondo // B Group = Find a good pace and push to the finish, or find a group with similar goals and work together to complete the distance.

- Bambino Fondo // C Group = Great for the time-crunched or first-time fondo rider.


No, it's a personal challenge against the distance and the clock. Some Zwifters will ride the event like a race but there is no winner of a Zwift Fondo. It's all about doing your best and trying to finish the toughest routes in Watopia.


All Zwifters who finish either the Gran, Medio, or Bambino Fondo will unlock that month’s stylish Zwift Fondo Kit. Ride each fondo to collect ‘em all. These jerseys are rare, prized items—hop in the saddle and join us at the start line to see the finished look.

Note: You must ride the complete length of the Fondo to unlock that month’s jersey.



WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Zwift Gran Fondo
LAP DISTANCE: 97.8 km / 60.8 mi
ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 1196 m / 3924 ft
TOTAL DISTANCE: 97.8 km / 60.8 mi
DESCRIPTION: This longest Fondo route takes you on a meandering - and ascending - tour of Watopia. Start out with the original KOM in the reverse direction before climbing the Volcano. From there, you'll do a lap of the Mayan Ruins jungle and then take on the steeper - but shorter - original KOM in the forward direction. Mix in flat laps around downtown Watopia and the Volcano Circuit before finishing at the Epic KOM summit (arch; not tower).


WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Zwift Medio Fondo
LAP DISTANCE: 72.9 km / 45.3 mi
ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 1010 m / 3314 ft
TOTAL DISTANCE: 72.9 km / 45.3 mi
DESCRIPTION: Warmup with a trip to Sequoia Circle before climbing the original Watopia KOM in the longer, gentler reverse direction. From there the climbing continues with a trip up the Volcano KOM, and tour of the Mayan Ruins jungle, and then finish off with a long climb up the Epic KOM (arch; not tower).


WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Zwift Bambino Fondo
LAP DISTANCE: 52.2 km / 32.4 mi
ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 580 m / 1903 ft
TOTAL DISTANCE: 52.2 km / 32.4 mi
DESCRIPTION: Take in the heart of Watopia with a flat warmup before tackling the original Watopia KOM. Then head over to the Mayan Ruins for a lap of the jungle - look out for the sloth! - before finishing up the Volcano Climb

Good luck Zwifters!

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