Bright Brewery Tour of Bright - Stage 2

2017-12-02 22:30:44
Watopia Pretzel 1 Laps 72 km
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5 mins at 6wkg+ requires ZADA approval

E SZR Watopia 1 lap The Pretzel from Off Ramp (Tough)


The annual Tour of Bright in the Australian high country is commonly referred to as the club cyclists "Tour de France". With a strong history of creating legends, it has been raced by the likes of Richie Porte (BMC), Brendan Canty (Cannondale-Drapac), just to name a few.

With the 2017 edition of the race canceled due to an extreme weather event - Cycling Tips and Zwift in partnership with Alpine CC, Bright Brewery have created the Bright Brewery Tour of Bright for ToB riders who still want to clip in and test their form this weekend, or for anyone else worldwide who wants to test themselves over a two stage event on Zwift.


Course: Watopia Pretzel
Distance: 72.2 km (44.9 mi)
Elevation gain: 1,333 m (4,375 ft)

For more information on the real world Bright Brewery Tour of Bright visit

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