Zwift Fondo Series North America

2018-02-18 15:00:00
Watopia Pretzel
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Let's ride together to conquer the Watopia Pretzel or Three Sisters course. Join either the Gran, Medio or Bambino Fondo and ride at your own pace to set your best possible time. Each group is ride your own pace.


All Zwifters who finish the event will unlock the official February Zwift Fondo kit. Completing the event is the only way to unlock this badge of honor for keeps so don’t miss out! When Zwifters see you in the kit they will know you finished the Zwift Fondo.


Gran Fondo / A Group = 1 lap of Watopia Mega Pretzel (66.5 mi / 107 km)
Medio Fondo / B Group = 1 lap of Watopia Pretzel (44.9 mi / 72.2 km)
Bambino Fondo / C Group = 1 lap of Watopia Three Sisters (30.0 mi / 48.3 km)


COURSE: Watopia Mega Pretzel
LAP DISTANCE: 66.5 mi / 107 km
ELEVATION GAIN: 5,387 ft / 1,642 m

COURSE: Watopia Pretzel
LAP DISTANCE: 44.9 mi / 72.2 km
ELEVATION GAIN: 4,375 ft / 1,333 m

COURSE: Watopia Three Sister
LAP DISTANCE: 30.0 mi / 48.3 km
ELEVATION GAIN: 2,942 ft / 897 m


All groups are “ride your own pace”. The goal is to finish the Fondo you choose in the best possible time.


Eligible North AmericanZwifters who complete 3 of the 5 Zwift Fondos from November 2017 to March 2018 will be entered to win a Canyon Ultimate CF SL Disc 8.0: ... c-8-0.html

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