CVR World Cup League Race Zone B: Mixed

2018-02-20 10:00:41
Road To Ruins 1 Laps 29 km
All riders visible Scoreboard Registered riders only
All riders must wear a HRM
FTP of 5wkg+ requires ZADA approval
5 mins at 6wkg+ requires ZADA approval
No ZPower riders

A SZR Watopia 1 lap Road To Ruins from Off Ramp (Tough)

Welcome to the CVR World Cup League - Winter Season 2018

The CVR World Cup League is a global virtual tournament that directly feeds into the CVR World Cup Live races and offers prizes to all abilities.


Please ensure you register for the league at ... ue-sign-up to be eligible to score points and be eligible for prizes.


Please ensure you read and understand the rules before racing:


Results are available at and will be available shortly after the race ends.


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