Trisport-WAY Burn&Sprint (Ride)

2018-02-25 07:00:00
Watopia Figure 8 3 Laps 88 km
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Category winners must wear a HRM
5min and 20min WKG limits apply
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B SZR Watopia 1 lap Figure 8 from Off Ramp (Moderate)

Our team invites you to weekly Sunday ride. After 5-minute warmup ride leader (the beacon) is keeping his power in 2.5-3.0 w/kg range.
On every Zwift segment you may sprint as fast as you can, but please drop your pace after that to join the leader once again.
At 3 km to go let’s race to the finish line — please no gaps or breakaways before that. Stay behind the leader until he sent “GO GO GO” message.
Enjoy solid group ride and take your chances to attack and challenge each other!

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