THE CHOP WBR (Race) 17 mi / 27 km

2018-09-06 09:10:00
Innsbruckring 3 Laps 27 km
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Category winners must wear a HRM
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
No ZPower winners
A 12 B +10 mins C +7 mins D (Categories enforce w/kg boundary) Innsbruckring (Zwift Insider verified) (Easy)


Being “in the chop” is an Aussie expression that you won’t read about in the UCI rulebook. It’s one of the many nuances of bike racing that only comes with experience.

Sometimes when you’re in a race and find yourself in the final break-away bunch you might get asked “are we in the chop?” or “are we chopping it?”. This is referring to collusion between the lead riders to work together until the finish. Many times a break-away will be doomed in the final kilometres because everyone starts playing cat and mouse, attacking, sitting up, etc.

But all that goes out the window in the last lap. This is generally where the group comes together and the final push begins. Working together goes out the window and is every man or woman for themselves for the final sprint to the line.

The Chop is a flat fast time-based handicap race. Do you always get blown out the back on the start of a multi grade race trying to hang onto the guy going with A grade pushing 5w/kg. Well not on the Chop. Released in Grades there are time splits from D to A with the intention of all coming together at the end for the big finish. Each Grade wears a WBR jersey kit from D grade in the Ingamba (WBR Partner) to A grade in the WBR blue Kit. Making each grade easily identifiable on who’s wheel you want to catch if they go past.

Racing on Monday nights and Thursday Mornings and now Thursday evenings THE CHOP has built a loyal following with the groups getting regularly larger. Do you have what it takes to take the glory

No single race has been the same. Many variables are at play on The Chop including course (which is generally the flat courses), race numbers, and the inevitable sandbaggers. It has been called a team time trail and cat and mouse but the real racers know it only as “THE CHOP”.

A Grade – WBR BLUE Kit
B Grade – WBR 2016 Kit
C Grade – WBR Black Kit
D Grade Ingamba Kit

The CHOP is a race but actively promotes World Bicycle Relief and aims to raise much needed funds.

DONATE HERE: http://fundraiseau.worldbicyclerelief.o ... Rsparticas

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