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5min and 20min WKG limits apply

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Jason Sterny (DIRT)
Matt Gardiner (IndoorSpecialist)
Matt Brandt (IndoorSpecialist)
Sebastian 🤖 [DIRT BC]

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starting the 26th of January
Watopia Hilly - Tempus Fugit TT - Volcano Circuit - Big Loop
individual timed GC - Sprint and KOM competitions

Team DIRT presents "The Season" - Join us in this community race series to compete with the best racers and teams across all categories and get scored like the pro peloton. Riding one day or all - everyone is welcome to race on the courses tailored to each category. Find all details and current standings here

"The Season" starts on the 22nd of December and ends on the 12th of April. It consists of 4 Stage races (Watopia, London, Yorkshire, NY) and 3 one-day events (Crit City, Richmond, Innsbruck). We offer a special E pen for the elite A+ racers on Zwiftpower (>4.59 w/kg and 300w FTP).

In most events you can compete in 3 prestigious competitions: time based General Classification, Points Competition and King of the Mountain Competition.

GC: Rider with the lowest accumulated time for each stage or lowest time for a one-day event wins
Points: Each intermediate sprint banner (including lead-ins now!) and flat stage finish gives 10-1 points for the top 10 riders
KOM: Each KOM banner and each mountain / hill stage finish gives points for the top finishers similar to pro cycling KOM competitions

The top finishers of each race, stage and competition score points on the Season ranking for themselves and their team.

Results and full rules are published on Strava and are based on Zwiftpower.
HRM mandatory and no ZP for E, A and B + C and D podiums. Racers aren’t allowed to compete 2 categories above their ZP cat. We reserve the right to dq riders based on unsportsmanlike conduct of rider or team or ask for verification in specific cases especially in A+.
Create new league if we dont already admin one
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