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Your best 20 results count
every race will score points

All riders must wear a HRM
5min and 20min WKG limits apply
ZPower not eligible

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Erik Hofman Dutch Diesel Cycling

Points Structure
100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25

Culling: Enabled
Points for those with no points: 10
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Date Title Course Distance
Come race with us for bragging rights, finishing one of the Dutch Diesel Cycling races on zwift will earn you and your team points. The winners will be announced after the last race on January 27 2019.

Point system:
Place points Place Points
1 100 6 45
2 90 7 40
3 80 8 35
4 70 9 30
5 60 10 25

All riders finishing the race with no points get 10 points for starting


- Your name should show up in the results on
- Teams will get your points when a team association is showing on zwift power.
- You will be disqualified when racing in the incorrect category.
- zpower is disqualified
- No HR is disqualified

Use your FTP and then divide by your weight in kg then pick the correct group.

A: 4.0 W/kg FTP or higher
B: 3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg FTP
C: 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg FTP
D: Under 2.49 W/kg FTP
Create new league if we dont already admin one
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