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Gregg Magnus
THE Nighttrain ODZ
Justin Wagner
Bob Christensen
David Bussey
Bret Elder
Simon Piniel
Mitch Dangremond (Trisuppo)
Eric Denning
Rory Duckworth
Tex Divine

Points Structure
5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Culling: Disabled
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This team race is targeted to the women Zwift Riders and is led by the women
of TeamODZ. This race will roll neutral until the Race Leader provides instruction You must stay with the ride leader which will have a yellow beacon,anyone sprinting
off ahead will be DQ’d. This format will allow everyone to get up to speed as a peloton. Once the neutral distance has been reached the ride leader will
announce that we are open and racing is on for the remainder, attack, counter attack suck wheels whatever you do best.

League specific will be located on sure to OPT IN for your result to count!!

TT Bikes will be DQ'd.
All riders, both power meter users and zPower riders, will be eligible to race. Heart Rate data must be enabled for Category A racers. For all others, heart rate data is not mandatory, but will be used in helping decide whether a rider should be DQ'd based on other data irregularities.. zPower riders with an average of 3.99+ for the duration of the race will not be eligible for category or race wins. Riders producing 5+ w/kg average will be DQ'd without proper verification
Race Commissar decision will be final..

A: 3.7 w/kg FTP or higher
B: 3.2-3.69 w/kg FTP
C: 2.5 to 3.19 w/kg FTP
D: Under 2.5 w/kg FTP

This race has been setup with an "ODivaZ channel on discord. Discord is not required, but the experience is enhanced by using it. Race commentary will be on this channel for those who are interested. This race may also be streamed to Facebook.
Click on the link here to get setup -
For some setup help head over to
Create new league if we dont already admin one
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