Racing Licence 578.55 pts
WKG Category C 163 races
ZPoints 3,513 pts in 4151st
Country England
Team Race3R
FTP 354w ~ 86.1kg
Age Veteran
30 Days Year Total
Distance 825 km 8,011 km 13,633 km
Climbed 8,496 m 70,505 m 116,202 m
Longest 100 km 168 km 202 km
Highest 1,952 m 2,117 m 2,117 m
Wins Losses Margin
# Date Race Lag avg watts NP 20m 5m 2m 1m 30s 15s 5s Avg Max Hrr Type Rank --
Fastest segments in the last 90 days
Segment Best Effort
Best power and wkg data in the 90 days
Range Power Points Assignment
Time vs yours Route Laps Race Avg NP Avg Avg
Start Date Name Elapsed Avg Avg Max Cadence Calories
Start # Title Categories Distance Laps Course
Date Name Event
Feb 20th 2019 Initial Height Check 79.8kg 183cm
Apr 21st 2019 Phil Howard 86.1kg 183cm ZHR Hare & Hounds Race
Apr 5th 2019 Phil Howard 87.3kg 183cm EVR Europe Race
Feb 17th 2019 Phil Howard 81.1kg 3R Steady Ride [~3.0/2.5w/kg avg]
Feb 10th 2019 Phil Howard 78.7kg 3R 100 Steady Ride [~3.0/2.5w/kg avg]
Feb 9th 2019 Phil Howard 79.9kg ZHR Weekend Group Ride
Feb 8th 2019 Phil Howard 78.7kg ZSUN Chain Gang Ride
Jan 29th 2019 Phil Howard 80.7kg Tour de Zwift - Stage 9
Jan 17th 2019 Phil Howard [Race3R] 81.5kg AHDR Bacon Rolls Ride
Jan 15th 2019 Phil Howard [Race3R] 82.8kg Tour de Zwift - Stage 5
Dec 11th 2018 Phil Howard [Race3R] 83.5kg THE CHOP WBR EU
Oct 10th 2018 Phil Howard [RaceWBR] 82.6kg THE CHOP WBR (Race) 17 mi / 27 km
Aug 24th 2018 Phil Howard [RaceWBR] 83.5kg WBR 4 Laps Flat Race Reverse (40.5km/25.1mi)
Aug 22nd 2018 Phil Howard [RaceWBR] 84.4kg THE CHOP WBR (Race) 20 mi / 33 km
Aug 19th 2018 Phil Howard [RaceWBR] 84.8kg WBR Innsbruckring Flat Race 4 Laps (35.2km)
Aug 15th 2018 Phil Howard 85.3kg WBR 3 Laps Flat Race Reverse (30.3km/18.8mi)
Jul 23rd 2018 Phil Howard 82.1kg AHDR Bacon Rolls (Ride)
Jul 19th 2018 Phil Howard 81.7kg SIS Tour de Oz - Stage 6
Jul 18th 2018 Phil Howard 82.6kg AHDR Bacon Rolls (Ride)
Jun 12th 2018 Phil Howard (B) 83kg KISS Europe Race
May 14th 2018 Phil Howard (B) 82.6kg Amgen Tour of California - Stage 2
Apr 25th 2018 Phil Howard (B) 80.7kg The British Knights Race Series