Level 25
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Race Ranking 600.00 pts in 93,135th
WKG Category D 96 races
ZPoints 1,993 pts in 4382nd
Country South Africa
Team ZAZ
FTP 263w ~ 106.6kg
Age 50+
30 Days Year Total
Distance 225 km 1,870 km 4,903 km
Climbed 1,953 m 14,048 m 41,339 m
Longest 45 km 102 km 102 km
Highest 674 m 1,190 m 1,223 m
Wins Losses Margin
# Date Race Lag avg watts NP 20m 5m 2m 1m 30s 15s 5s Avg Max Hrr Type Before Result Gain
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Note: Switching between imperial and metric in Zwift can alter your weight by 0.5kg and height by 2cm. These changes are logged here but should not be considered intentional adjustments by the rider.
Date Name Event
Feb 4th 2020 Deon Louw 106.6kg 185cm ZHR Zwift Handicap Race
Jan 24th 2020 Deon Louw 106.6kg Tour de Zwift: Stage 3 Group Ride
Jan 20th 2020 Deon Louw 109kg Tour de Zwift: Stage 2 Group Ride
Jan 15th 2020 Deon Louw 111.1kg 186cm Zwift Time Trial Tuesday: Bologna
Jan 14th 2020 Deon Louw 111.1kg Tour de Zwift: Stage 1 Group Ride
Jan 4th 2020 Deon Louw 111.1kg 186cm TeamZF Beginner Zinger
Jan 1st 2020 Deon Louw 111.1kg Le Col New Year's Day Century Celebration
Dec 18th 2019 Deon Louw 111.1kg 186cm REVO Sweatin' with the Oldies
Dec 17th 2019 Deon Louw 111.1kg Crit City Race
Dec 15th 2019 Deon Louw 111.1kg 186cm 3R Innsbruckring Flat Race - 2 Laps (17.6km/10.9m 154m)
Dec 2nd 2019 Deon Louw 111.1kg 3R Watopia Flat Route Reverse Race - 2 Laps (20.5km/12.7mi 108m)
Nov 22nd 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 108.4kg 186cm ZER North American & Aussie Style with Geoff (Est. Av. 1.2 - 1.5 w/kg)
Jul 25th 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 108.4kg Team Celebration Series
Jul 17th 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 108.4kg 186cm ZHR Hare & Hounds Race
Jul 17th 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 108.4kg 3R Volcano Circuit Flat Race - 6 Laps (27km/16.8mi 120m)
Jun 23rd 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 108.4kg 186cm Zwift Time Trials: Bologna
Mar 11th 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 105kg DBR Spring Race Series
Mar 4th 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 105kg 185cm 3R Classique Flat Race - 4 Laps (26.9km/16.7mi 76m)
Mar 2nd 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 105.2kg 186cm Norseman Winter Race Series
Feb 22nd 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 106kg 185cm OFRRCC Time Trial Race
Feb 21st 2019 Deon Louw (Tri) 106kg ZHR Hare & Hounds Race