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Listing all riders having completed 3 races. Updated every 7 days.
Rank Climbing Name KOM Fwd KOM Rev Box Hill Watopia Figure 8 Watopia Hilly 3 laps London Loop 2 laps Update

The ZwiftPower Ranking System is split into 2 cateogires - race rank and climbing rank.

The segment score is calculated by comparing your time against a standard value. This value is considered to be the average time set by all racers. There is also a per second value which increases the closer all times are for that segment

Watopia Figure 8 standard time : 42 minutes
Category A racer : 38 minutes
Category D racer : 50 minutes

Category A score : 38 - 42 = -240 seconds * 2 = -480
Category D score : 50 - 42 = 480 seconds * 2 = +960

This value is then added to 1000 for race, 500 for climbing:
Category A score : 1000 + -480 = 520
Category D score : 1000 + 960 = 1960

Race and climbing ranks use 3 segments to calculate your score. The average is used since not all riders will have completed every segment.

If your Strava account is set to private you will need to register and link to ZwiftPower for segment times to be visible.