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I was just checking my time on the alpe, it said i averaged around 190w, but this is not correct.
according to strava i should have averaged around 230w..
someone knows why it shows the wrong value ? Mike Merlo 01:10 178w 71.0kg 2.5wkg 209.6kmh Never seems to finish an event. Mike Merlo 01:04 213w 71.0kg 3.0wkg 2...
Hi, can a zwiftpower forum moderator help me set my accidental D race to C for my latest crit race? I see ted the wrong one on the iPad. Thanks Done. i dont think that is right he did not start at the same time. C did not see him, as racer. "if was Mass start it would be fair". I see your point, bu...
Fozzzer wrote:
Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:10 pm
Could Zwiftpower hold events and get permission like British Cycling did to have invited athletes only?
That would be amazing! ?I always hate racing 50% of the riders not on Zwiftpower.
I personally don't like the feature either, so i am nog doing group rides with the feature on. It completely destroys the purpose of trying to stay in the group and help each other out. But apparently people like it, so i get why they implemented it. I just hope that a lot of group rides still choos...
This sounds like something i can do, ok will record my kickr data on my element.

tnx for the clear info!
So i have a Wahoo Kickr Core and 4iii power meter (which i use for zwift)..
Next race i want to do an analysis and see if the power of both matches up.
I see that there is an analysis option on zwiftpower, what steps do i have to perform to make this graph visable for me next race ?
Thank you Dave, although i would say sprinting is my weakest point. but it was uphill and i had a featherweight power-up. I will try the B Category from now on, it will probably only make me stronger and if i get dropped early i can also tag along in the next C Group. Thanks everyone for all the hel...
Tnx guys, i might just accept the fact that i am a B rider which i never expected. In my head i would start my way up C to get to B eventually but i start there right away. One final question.. Am i allowed to start in C on Zwift itself or do i actually have to start the race itself in B? Think i wo...
Ok tnx for your reply..
I really feel that i am a pretty average cyclist with a pretty low ftp so it feels a bit strange for me.
my ftp is near the bottom of the C category.

But i will try the B category as a complete beginner and see what happens.
I am a little scared to race now :shock: