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Sharing an account is against the Zwift TOS so we cannot provide any assistance if you choose to complete a race with different settings.
BenThomasCoaching wrote:
Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:18 pm
Hi James. Why I have I been removed from the results? I finished 3rd.
We automatically filter new riders from results due to some unsavoury characters signing up for a new account every month to avoid DQs.

I have re-instated you for this race.
FAO organiser: You can simply enter "DK" in the race settings to filter out all riders from other countries. There is no need for a manual edit of all results.
A final tally will be conducted tomorrow.
holmarn wrote:
Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:07 pm
Hi Sticky!

Could you please promote me to "Owner" of CK Hymer?

There are 4 different event types. Races are their own event.
Ideally race organisers would use a fixed distance a few meters beyond the KOM banner on these events to have the times registered on ZP.
If your activities are no longer showing on ZwiftPower it is most likely due to your privacy settings in the companion app. It appears some users have had that setting reset from public to private. Once changed any new activities will be visible here. You will need to...
Check companion app and privacy settings - they may have been reset due to last update.
Zwift is not returning any new activities for you via the api. Double check your privacy settings as your issue coincides with the last companian update, which may have reset them. Goto your profile and make sure the activities are listed there. It's possible they may not have saved at all.