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Go to My Teams on your Teams page and use the option to change primary team.
You can leave an event just before crossing the finish line or the time expires from within Zwift and continue riding. That will prevent the result registering.
Zwift are rolling out private events where a secret key is required to view and enter. ZwiftPower is not on the whitelist so cannot view event data without the key. If the organiser has not done so already, anyone with access to the event may add it to ZwiftPower. Please visit the following page to ...
For any future requests please post here:

The 2 above do not have a Zwift ID so cannot be fully complied with.
If we hold Zwift data on you and your account is no longer linked you will need to provide a Zwift ID with your request. Failure to do so will only allow us to remove your forum profile. It is recommended you leave your account linked before requesting deletion. You may however opt out at ...
Brage Skogstad wrote:
Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:53 pm
Seems to be a new winner to...🤔
Winner has been flagged but may be reinstated.
See Toms facebook post - prime points will be added at a future date when code is updated. KALAS are using formats not fully supported on ZwiftPower.