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The Plumber you have your Zwift profile/activities set to private, this means ZwiftPower doesn't have access to your age hence why you've been removed from results.

If you want to be included in future results you will need to set your Zwift profile/activities to public.
Looks like a bug with how ZwiftPower splits riders into the category bands. For example if a riders age falls on the max age limit for a category ZP is removing them from results. For example you entered category A and max age is 38, you're 38 and it pinged you from results. I've reinstated your res...
Correct Lee
Hello Lee BRT events are currently midway through several league seasons and will remain using the standard category system. Once our leagues have finished (end of December) the admin team will decide if moving to ZP's category system will be beneficial to future series. For any future communication...
Zwift has it's own training plans, have read through them and pick what suits your needs. ... r-schedule

Try the FTP builder or similar.
Seb look at the parameters, I will highlight the word or for you -

(C) - (FTP 2.7wkg)***OR***(FTP 2.5wkg and 5mins 3.2wkg) and 5mins 160w.

You've said you can hold 2.7wkg, that is clearly cat C!

That's it....simples!
I haven't added them to any race description due to the length of the parameters and potential confusion it may cause. I use the standard parameters for the event to keep things simple for racers. The descriptions are long enough for the event, only so much information I can add. The website contain...
Seb this is my last comment on the subject, I'm the organiser and I set the rules to suit our race series. I've no interest in what other people are saying in various forums or what other organisers do with their races. Organisers have different ideas on how they run their races and how they want re...
Results are still processing and should be given time.

Cat B winner should be in cat A.

The two C riders may have hit the 3.2 limit for 20 mins but they haven't hit the 5 min @ 4wkg limit.
We use the Zwift Power categories -

(A) - (FTP 4.2wkg) or (FTP 4.0wkg and 5mins 4.8wkg) and 5mins 240w.

(B) - (FTP 3.4wkg) or (FTP 3.2wkg and 5mins 4.0wkg) and 5mins 200w.

(C) - (FTP 2.7wkg) or (FTP 2.5wkg and 5mins 3.2wkg) and 5mins 160w.