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how about race in your correct cat
cheers sticky every day a school day
new feature spotted which says number of rider in wrong cat; when did that happen. dsq already in the live tab lol
i look forward to seeing many dual recording posted up for this event :roll:
maybe post up a dual recording next time you race seeing you have power pedals on your turbo
ive been in races with him he just posts nonsense constantly; bit of an idiot tbh!
He may or may not be legit but it's not that inconceivable that a 62 year old could stay with the front group. He's 17th in the 60+ race rankings..... quick look at his strava suggest he is not doing 300 watts for 20 minutes; just sayin like; decent rider tho can ave 20 mph over 50 miles. Kevin I d...
KOA Sports Warrior race yesterday. Some 60+ guy Wintin is with the remaining A riders to the very end, guys like Brian Hodges, and wins the B category at 4.1wkg no HR. Not possible. He may or may not be legit but it's not that inconceivable that a 62 yea...
hmmm was 65kg when racing with I assume a dietitian so eating a diet taylored to doing his best in races, now 57kg says he has a food disorder; bit like many pros getting "asthma" done for doping too.
good to see the A riders who have dual recordings are posting them up then, is hrt monitor not required for this race??

edit:- helps if i read the info "not a race" ;)