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There is plenty of icons next to riders names in zp page, also we have this nice transparency icon for these users who have done this zwift transparency video to fb. I see these days that many of us are streaming their rides to youtube, facebook, twitch ect. I started to use 📺 symbol in my name, as ...
One thing that would help fairness in all races without changing catagories is this. Dont allow riders to get draft benefit from someone that is not in their catagory. Example. If u in a b race with the main group and the A’ s going flying by the top b’s will jump on thus creating a disparity in th...
And what are the rules for measuring height? Barefoot, or in cycling shoes? Helmet, or no helmet? For me the answer could be the difference between lower-mid-C obscurity and mid-C obscurity! Common sense! How do you measure normally your height? Like in "health inspection" meetings ect.. It is weir...
Just my opinion. Because this is like a other games in esports (where is lots of different classes, type of things with different setups ect.), that A+ cat should be removed. There would be A1 A2 A3 categories, A1 under 70kg, A2 under 80kg and A3 above 80kg riders, same in B cat too. After that ther...
Richard Doornbos wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:14 am

In my Zpoints i have ridden 684 w (1 min), but I get only 600 points.
Can you please correct it to 684 points


Based on what, is it 1point / watt? wrote:
Fri Jan 25, 2019 4:57 am
Hello ZP

My results over the last six weeks don't fit into the B Category. How can I get downgraded so that I can race as a Cat C?
-> Profile -> Settings -> "Upg mixed category" change it to category C

-Aku Congratulatons to all racers. Even if I've the feeling of having something trough the throat while seing the results : 2 first places are the 2 ones who're the most doubtful concerning heart rate. * Winner (Bibby), has no heart rate value in results,...
Big ring... only 1x10 in my trainer bike.. :D
After that it started working, so I don't know how or what caused that error.