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Great race tonight, unfortunate that there are so many racers that doesn´t sign up for ZP. There where 10 riders in D cat, one or two B or C rider that choose the wrong cat but other than that there should have been more D:s at the final results.
Your both back into the results, but if your competing in a National championship, next time ride under the flag of that country
I. Wan A.Ride wrote:
Sun Feb 24, 2019 5:51 pm
I have the same issue being disqualified, a German rider cycling under a flag of a different nationality. I cant imagine it were my results als I came in as one of the last.
Fixed you back into the results under the correct flag
Hi! I'm a Swiss resident and ride on Zwift under a Swiss flag since I joined in 2016. You can see on Strava that 99% of my real-life riding takes place in Switzerland. However, I've just been DQd from the results of the Swiss National Championship and think the reason might be that I have a EU flag...
Showing fine now, thanks Rob
Could you update the post Rob, there is no pictures showing any longer?