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For those who also use Zwift Run could you please let me know what foot pod you use? I currently have the Stryd have had it for over a year now and suddenly I'm having a difficult time pairing and unpairing the foot pod to get back to Zwift Ride if you've experienced the same problem could you let ...
Fozzzer wrote:
Wed Dec 11, 2019 10:14 pm
10 min w/kg actual, rather than 95% of 20min for the categories is the best idea I’ve seen. It wasn’t my idea but it’s a good one.

The problem with the 95% thing is it wipes away spikes.
I like that idea, would be nice to see how that would change the ranking boards
Category problems? This guy sits att -exactly- 400 W entire races.. Either intentionally cheating or just an extremely dodgy trainer. Doesn't use HRM. When he actually rides outdoors he averages <20 km/h: A+ I bet he...
Ah maybe "No Dual Record" for top-placed finishers
S.ticky wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:55 pm
doctordevlin wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:04 pm
I've just seen a NDR disq code. What is that one?
I've just seen a NDR disq code. What is that one?
I'm not showing up at all. Weird. I've done running events perviously without issue. Connection issues maybe?
Holy dooly that was fast!