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I looks like they addressed the distance bug. this is the android release notes. I had an update on Windows 10 this morning. Android (1.0.43801) release note says: WHAT’S NEW Updated Bluetooth Scan/Connect logic to allow connections to devices that are already Bonded, but continue to Advertise. Cros...
Thanks James.

Your team is great job, we really appreciate it.
S.ticky wrote:
Fri Dec 06, 2019 10:07 am
These events are a shit-show so will be classed as a Ride.
Tell us how you really feel....LOL
If you are in a group ride stay with the leader (Yellow beacon) especially at the top of a hill. If you are on a Windows PC you can press the "A" key to stop.

But you will get better answers on the Zwift Forum
You make good points, and this should be brought to the attention of Zwift.

I think you should also post this to the Zwift Forum's as well. ... ries/14243
Sticky is correct in his description he is also to nice :lol: to tell you to post questions regarding Zwift on the Zwift Forum. On the zwift forum you will find many helpful people. ... sue/131280
You should go voice your opinion on the zwift forum, you make some good points. ... s/14243/13
Top row of page click Profile.
Second row on page click Settings

there you can change you Rider Name
That was a sosial 1 hour ride. So there is not finish line. So results are all random.
Are you on the latest version of Zwift, the second line in the log fie should show your Game version. ... -BykKO63fr