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When the fit files loaded in for this race, it looks like the sprints were cut off for a number of people, at least in the B category. Are these data lost to the ether? Or is there a way to reload in the fit files?

This only seems to happen whenever I do my best 15 second power :)
In retrospect, I am glad I did not catch up to his draft in the sprint.
hi - when looking at my results page there is a dropdown menu to toggle columns off and on, but I cannot change any of these setting apart from pressing reset view. screenshot here: tried in chrome and edge. Try clicking on the text...
I was not in the results for the SZR Spring Series Race back on May 1st, but the live tab does show me getting pretty close to the finish ( Is it possible to force me into the results? Video of the sprint for 2nd in B -
Here are imgur albums showing Rider Height vs. Finishing Position and Rider Weight vs. Elapsed Time for the same races as above.
I graphed Weight vs Finishing position for a couple of the KISS Community League races just to see if there was any correlation. For the Volcano Flat Reverse Race ( For the Innsbruck Ring Race (