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Ah. I did not even consider that one a possibility! I guess I should ask before the race.
Which sprint banner was the sprint banner that was part of the points competition? The one on Monument Ave after the U-turn or the one on Broad St?
Where can I find the category in my profile? The only thing I see is in "settings": Upg mixed category "let ZwiftPower decide". You have not done any races, so you do not have a zwiftpower category yet. The TdZ Group rides show up in your profile since they are events, but they are not races. Your ...
Before that TDZ race your best 3 results in the last 90 days taking 95% of 20 min were - 2.643w/kg, 2.532w/kg, 2.388w/kg ... so averaging those gives 2.521 which is just barely in the C cat. Since you were C cat by model you got the UPG code for that last race.
Bucker11 wrote:
Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:17 pm
i think number 4 in c is listed wrong it look like he schould change place with me number 5 :roll:
The positions look to be set by points, and he picked up more primes.
The person in 3rd is 50 kg and averaged 188 W, so he failed the second conditional to become a B (at least 3.2 W/kg 95% of 20 min power AND at least 200 W for 95% of 20 min power). It would probably make for better racing if there was a third short power conditional for categories. Something Like: T...
Add the 'Rank for Event' column on the race results page to see how the ranking points shape up after a race.
Thanks Sticky!
When the fit files loaded in for this race, it looks like the sprints were cut off for a number of people, at least in the B category. Are these data lost to the ether? Or is there a way to reload in the fit files?

This only seems to happen whenever I do my best 15 second power :)
In retrospect, I am glad I did not catch up to his draft in the sprint.