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My son is 12 and weighs 51kg
I got beaten soundly today by two people without heart rate meters, they were also 30kg lighter than me. If I apply Monty Pythons logic, does that mean my heart rate meter weighs 30kg?

I’m off to get food poisoning to lose a bit of weight! :D
The problem with your assumptions is that you assume wattage increases directly with weight. That's far from true. Yes, heavier riders can often create more power, but there comes a point where more power is physiologically impossible. There are many lightweight zwifters who can do 4.5-5 or more w/...
Bearing in mind most racers only put max effort in for 5% of the time it seems odd doesn’t it?
But the lower the setting the faster you can push downhills. So for training and TT events I run 100%, for races normally 30%.
Does Zwift actually police anything at all?
I get the same error message just for info
Ned Bowen wrote:
Sun May 19, 2019 3:51 am
Here are imgur albums showing Rider Height vs. Finishing Position and Rider Weight vs. Elapsed Time for the same races as above.
Thanks Ned, interesting stuff.
Has he been eating raw chicken? Haha.
Haha, brilliant.