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This is going to hurt!
I'm wondering if you calibrate it in Bluetooth mode, maybe it's only calibrated for Bluetooth and needs redoing in ANT+ mode as well?
Thanks Sticky, I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue?

I'll have to run the Suito as the primary on Zwift and the Rotor through my garmin to get a fair comparison.
Advice please? Just started using an Elite Suito. When I look at pairing it to Zwift I have two options, Bluetooth or ANT+. Via Bluetooth the power reading I’m getting is 10W down on my Rotor inpower, to be expected as Crank compared to hub. However, via ANT+ it’s showing as 30-40W down and fluctuat...
Thanks Sticky I did change my name in Zwift to incorporate a switch of teams, but that's all. I didn't change anything else (I've been back in to double check too) I do have it on imperial in Zwift, when I switch to metric it show 178 but maybe the code update mean Zwiftpower converts it differently...
I’ve just noticed that for the last few races my height is showing as dropping from 178cm to 177cm.

I’ve not change my settings and I’ve been and double checked and they are still showing 178cm in Zwift itself????

Any ideas? This doesn’t look good, even though I’ve done nothing?
Is esportsanalytical no longer operational? I can’t open the web page on any device to upload dual power readings
Leandro, I was going to ask the same? Can't see why you would be DQ'd?
This makes alot of sense now... This height thing is extremely disappointing lol It takes alot more than knowing height to determine CdA Zwift apparently knows my flexibility, bike positioning and whether I climb in saddle or off saddle (yes that matters IRL) 👎 Gimme some damn crosswinds or some me...
Thanks James, makes sense now, I’m on the cusp, that’s 3 x 355W for 20 minutes. I’ve done 364 and 370 in last 30 days but probably missing the 3rd ride high enough.

Not desperate to move up but just to know what I’m aiming for.