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Camera 3 is first-person view, and yes, numpad or keypad 3, or select from the menu.
Does camera 3 show clearly when you’re in draft? That’d be very valuable, I’d otherwise prefer to race using 3 but last time I tried I didn’t notice feedback.
The sidebar does give the category right there in game. If they’re too far to be seen there, you won’t see a name tag anyway. I guess if there’s been a split, you can “race radio” via the live tab as above to see if there’s somebody up there.

Alternatively, just enter the staggered start races.
Maybe someone who’s on FB can make a suggestion that promoting them here could be good too :) Maybe a sticky thread in Events?
There it is! Right up on events… so it’s group ride on!
Yep, thanks! Looks like races only on companion so far. So, still a bit of a mess…

But the question remains—do we get to not-race for not-overall-standings this time around?
The TdZ signup’s been a mess (has anybody been able to sign up for anything yet?) and nobody on Zwift forums knows anything, but the real burning question is whether it’ll be a League again? A friendly, easy, group ride league, obviously. It’s not a race, after all.
Could we just collectively create a THE Alpe Race, make sure it's the right length, and run it for a month or two?
Crit City races need to be 9 laps so A’s can upgrade too!
Adding tooltips to icons would be very helpful. I forget even ones I’ve seen before, and then there are constantly new ones… or maybe at least a Legend post. I guess I could be not lazy and make one myself.