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Seems to be buggy.
Try to unfollow someone.
Refresh profile on ZwiftPower.
Re-follow again.
Refresh profile on ZwiftPower.
Check friends list
If not successful wait 30 mins and check friends list again.
Think I’ve fixed most of these races for now.
Pyoder wrote:
Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:01 pm
Can u just delete those 2 rides and the other 2 people barely ride and are a lot slower then me
As discussed on FB.
I have 2 other people use my account as well there shorter then me and don’t ride that much. We all share the same Zwift account so all the races go onto here. So my account is suspended now Account sharing is not allowed as it breaks the rankings and categorisation as well as being against Zwift’s...
Hi, will the results be ready processed one day? Why are there no power data in the result list? Does this race count for the wkg category data? Thanks, Andrea Processing is often delayed during busy times. There is No Category Enforcement so it will not count towards WKG Category data. Reasonably ...
Zyriax wrote:
Sat Dec 14, 2019 7:50 pm
Number 1 i groupe C ? And number 2 has no ZP profile

Congratulations on your win 😃
I’m seeing the results so maybe processing was delayed.

Look in live tab. Zwift has you completing 37.2km only. You lost connection to the Zwift servers. Strava pic...That dude is not doing 385+ watts for 30 minutes. + Highly unlikely without a background of racing at the highest level. Yet another one using an Elite Direto which you’d expect to be reasonable accurate but seen many reports of them over re...