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+1. Cheers guys.
Yeah, on reflection it probably is about right. It's not about using an average population weight, it's about catering for both the high and low ends of the scale.
Sticky, you must be getting fed up with the constant questions, but....

Categorisation is based on W/kg and absolute watts. Assuming there's a link between W/kg and Watts, a category of 2.5W/kg and 150W suggests that a "standard" weight of 60kg is used. That seems quite low?
James Hodges wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:28 am
The opted in percentage will soon be listed on the index page.
So that's where everyone went!
Raced today - 22 participants according to the in-game screen in Zwift (and I certainly had plenty of other riders around me); only four finishers listed on ZwiftPower (with one DQ).

Why don't people opt-in?!
It's early days, but it seems that buying a $20 fan has significantly improved my performance (seriously). Even with the air-conditioning cranked up I still used to overheat and fall apart during races.

The lesson learnt is get your setup right!
I use the big ring around 95% of the time, and my results are rubbish. Make of that what you will.
Someone in the race I just did hit 237 BPM (and as far as I'm aware survived). What's the highest you've seen?
mrbaldi wrote:
Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:52 am
He’s cheating.

His weight (in pounds) has been: 175, 155, 135, 125, 105

That’s too coincidental to be “multiple profiles”
Looks like he's experimenting - trying to find the optimal cheating weight.