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If I'd posted immediately upon realising that I still had another lap to race after nearly killing myself over the advertised distance, then I reckon my language might have been just as colourful as Drew's!
More broadly on this topic, I've always assumed (but never actually checked) that the weight you enter should be your day-to-day weight - Zwift then calculates the impact of bike and equipment?
Today I did my first race in a few weeks - I finished third in my category (C). I now have more racing points than any other C-category rider. I think something might not be working...
In which case why advertise a 20.5km race as a 10.5km race? And why have the first 10km displayed as 'lead-in' on the race screen?
Why have a 10km lead-in to a 10.5km race?
Also depends on race length - under 10km and I'm clearly in the C category, possibly even mixing it with B's; more than that and my appalling stamina keeps me in D Cat.
Just noticed that the results of this race are now showing. Long delay, but great to confirm that I did indeed come last and Fabrice got a medal!
I think I was in the same race (if I've got the time differences right) and also can't see any results. It might be for the best given how poorly I performed, but it would be interesting to know if this is just a strange blip in the system or if there's a reason the results are missing.
Mostly seems to be working for me, except for a load of Saturday results missing.
Don't ban Glenn! He's hilarious.

I can't wait for the next installment.