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It is a great site and tool.
I wonder if you’ll or we’ll get the jersey?
That’s a Zwift issue, not really ZwiftPowers though.

The popularity of the events is amazing.
I’m the same, I think numbers are a problem. So many people doing the events. My results were on Zpower instantly though.
Stick with it, I won a few C races and was almost dead last in my second B race. After a month I’m already half way up most B races. And I’m already seeing improvements outdoors where it counts. Be at FTP when the gun goes, hold max output or just under for a minute or two and then hang on until you...
Did anyone receive the Tour of London kit yet?
It’s an indication of where you sit against the other Zwift Power Members.

100% and you are the best on Zwift Power, 0% and you’re dead last!
I’m 95kg in real life and 95kg on Zwift, I have much more trouble keeping up with Zwifters than I do real riders in the real world.