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But where are they all on the roads of the country you may live in?

Surely they don’t only ever ride on Zwift.
On Zwift every other rider is less than 70kg or pushing out 350W plus, but when you’re out in real life most riders are struggling to hold 17mph on the flat! On an average club ride or in a trail centre you’re more likely to see a chubby person on an expensive bike than a 70kg 400W monster!
Ah okey dokey.
Aye guess so, was the same in my event tonight, Cat C 95% up around 3.8. Mind you it was billed as 30km and ended up being 55km. 43 starters only 10 finished!

I’ve never created an event, are there default settings do you know?
Seems daft having categories and not enforcing them?
Your DQ says AGE did you enter the right pen?
I wouldn’t worry about it Brian, hopefully the event will have a moderator who’ll help you out.

Good performance tonight by the way.
Or Heart rate meters
Could Zwiftpower hold events and get permission like British Cycling did to have invited athletes only?
Presumably some draft benefit was received?