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Can I do that too then to boost my Zpoints please Sticky? :D pretty please if it’s ok for one :lol:
This guy who wins races just tunes his weight to suit his mood! He won Cat B.
So quite a few must have benefitted from a draft!
There were 70 plus starters, most of the dodgys were probably not on here. :roll:
Definitely was, there were loads of suspicious results.
If you don’t want to stick with the group, choose a different ride. Otherwise the people that want to ride together have to put up with the leader asking you to come back repeatedly.
Welcome to the B basement!
There hasn’t been an update for a week on the iOS version.
I’m at the bottom of B and get spanked all the time! Winning in C was fairly easy though. I think a points based system is a grand idea. It works in real life so why wouldn’t it work here?