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5min and 20min WKG limits apply

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w/kg Target

As much as you can physically manage :)

WBR Tags

Please tag WBR after your name and Strava feed which helps us (a) raise the profile of World Bicycle Relief and (b) allows the result to be recorded by Zwiftpower. 

For this event if you also place your racing CAT (A, B, C and D) in your Zwift Display Name and your Strava Save Name then you will self-select your racing CATfor results. If you do not display your CAT then you will be automatically assigned a CAT based on the w/kg of the event as per the standard ZwiftPower metrics. We suggest that you self assign a CAT, but either method will work.

Ride Description

This race can provide you with an excellent threshold session as part of the #ProStyleTraining menu brought to you by Team WBR. 

Save that PU because (being on a flat course) this will be brutal: go HARD from the start through to the finish. Please note that several courses display “Warm Up’ immediately upon leaving the holding pen. The race starts immediately upon leaving the holding pen and any such display should be ignored for the purposes of this race. 

Courses vary according to Zwift’s monthly schedule: please follow the link to the relevant course below. 

Watopia Flat Route Forward 4 Laps [40.8 km / 25.35 miles] 

Richmond Flat Route 4 Laps [30.5 km / 18.95 miles]
NB: the Strava segment does not include the 4.5 km from the start pen to the beginning of the loop. This 4.5 km is very definitely included in the race however! 

London Classique Forward 4 Laps [27.4 km / 17.03 miles]

Leader Information

No WBR Leader present: this race is automatically started by the event module.

Discord Channel Link

Discord channel not available for this event.
If you have the energy please either use the Group Text function in ZML or Type ‘M’ and message from your keyboard.


Road bike

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Results of Mini-Race®

Results will automatically appear at the conclusion of the event. Mouse click on the leaderboard to stop the countdown to see full results. As this is a leaderless event, it would be a great help to Team WBR and add to the importance of the race if you took a screenshot of the final Zwift Leaderboard. Please then try to be the first to post it on the Club WBR Facebook group in order to encourage discussion about the event & how we can all improve. THANK YOU. 

While TeamWBR wants to be inclusive, we also want to have race results that are robust and as fair as possible. Therefore, certain rider setups will not be included in official Zwift Power or Cycligent Virtual Ranking results. 

All non-HRM or zPower riders will be DQ'ed, with the exception of non-podium finishes in the C and D categories. In addition, riders must have a zwiftpower profile with a linked strava account in order to finish on the podium in any category. As these are road bike races, any rider on a TT bike will also be disqualified. TeamWBR also reserves the right to disqualify racers for other suspicious or unsportsmanlike behaviour. 

Thank for for your understanding. 

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Donations If you wish to show your appreciation for the Team WBR leaders, keepers and organisers then we would ask that you kindly consider contributing to the tireless efforts of World Bicycle Relief by making a donation of such amount you think appropriate. 

World Bicycle Relief are attempting to mobilise some of the poorest people in the world through the provision of buffalo bicycles. You can discover more about their work by following the link below:
Club WBR

If you haven’t done so already please join us at Club WBR: everyone welcome!

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