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# Rider Time Lag Primes avg watts NP 20m 5m 2m 1m 30s 15s 5s Avg Max Type ID Age Before Result Gain
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Day Date Time Riders
Sunday 08-12-2019 18:00 Steen Brusgaard
Sunday 08-12-2019 16:00 Adam Mills Dean Hallam
Sunday 08-12-2019 09:00 Steen Brusgaard
Saturday 07-12-2019 13:00 Paul Tatam Juha Lehtinen
Saturday 07-12-2019 11:00 Dean Hallam
Friday 06-12-2019 17:00 Marino.G
Thursday 05-12-2019 20:00 Jeff Law
Thursday 05-12-2019 19:00 Dean Hallam
Thursday 05-12-2019 18:00 Carlo de Gregorio
Wednesday 04-12-2019 19:00 Steen Brusgaard
Tuesday 03-12-2019 21:00 Jeff Law
Tuesday 03-12-2019 18:00 Steen Brusgaard
Monday 02-12-2019 20:00 Jeff Law
Monday 02-12-2019 19:00 Brendan Parker Carlo de Gregorio
Monday 02-12-2019 18:00 Rob Taylor
Monday 02-12-2019 16:00 Andy Long
Monday 02-12-2019 13:00 Juha Lehtinen

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