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So my dreams of being an e-professional are over because I bought a Tacx Flux. Damn.

The Flux is the only smart trainer I've ever used, so I can't say whether it's perfectly accurate or not, but it (together with Zwift) is great fun.
You can callibrate a smart trainer or a power meter. You can't callibrate a dumb trainer, you can only guess.

If you think it gives a similar speed result to IRL riding, that's fine, but you still are only guessing what power you are putting out. What are you comparing it to? Strava estimated powers? Unless you have a power meter IRL and a dumb trainer on Zwift, you won't know to probably 20% either way whether your power is correct.

It’s always fun!

I’ve never used anything other than my Direto. I might just try my rollers with a speed sensor once as a comparison.
There are several problems.
There may not be a way to prevent cheaters but there are ways to correct honest mistakes of ignorance.
I have 2 suggestions.
1. Bike shops can have a standard well calibrated trainer and when riders get a bike fit, the last 20 minutes can be a FTP test. If their FTP is different at home, they know they have a problem.
2. Another solution for wheel on set ups is to have Zwift create a short flat calibration loop. We all know that the speed and distance reading on a cycle computer wont match the speed and distance in game on Zwift. If there was a perfectly flat loop on zwift, then then speed and distance in game on Zwift should match the displayed speed and distance on a cycle computer.
As long as you accurately measure your wheels circumference, this should serve as a method to independently verify your data on Zwift.
It can be a short 2 mile loop with minimal scenery because no one would ride it on a routine basis.
Good idea and Richmond Flat meets that purpose perfectly: flat as a pancake, 5km long

Mind you, cobbles would slow you down somewhat IRL :D

Why don’t ZHR run Zpower only events?
Whether you’re trying to be funny or critical, you’re failing on both counts. I suggest you focus more on your own riding than unknown avatars about whom you know nothing.

Don’t see you conplaining about those on “Power”, as if that means anything whatsoever
I was just asking a simple question, no offence intended.

Has anyone ever run an event for Zpower riders only? It might encourage new people to try a race.

After all, why bother if you think you might get a DQ for doing well?
Well I see why Zwift has not provided us with a calibration test track.
It won't work.
I measured my wheel and entered the value into my cycle computer and rode the flat areas of London.
My wheel speed was 15 mph but my game speed was 20-22.
I'm assuming my wheel speed as shown by my cycle computer was accurate.
I felt like I was going about 15 mph (I stayed out late playing cards last night)
I tried changing bikes. I used the TT bike to avoid drafting interference, steel bike with basic tires but it did not slow my avatar down.

My trainer has adjustable resistance and I tried moving that up and down but it did not affect the game speed.
The game speed and my wheel speed differed except at 1 w/kg or 75 watts.
Here, they were the same.
Varying the resistance affected my level of exertion to produce a given power but not the game speed.
So I guess I just calibrate my trainer to me.
If the resistance were too low, then my 5 or 10 minute power could become my 20 min FTP and my whole ride is elevated.
By checking my FTP on another trainer, I can adjust my trainer so that the power I hold for 20 is the same.
But how do I know that other trainer is correct?
I also occasionally ride with my IRL friends on Zwift and if my ride is too good, it is noticeable.

So I have no good ideas how to improve accuracy.
tim buy a neo, problem solved, to add compare your watts outside to inside they should not be an enormous difference between the two.