The Zwift User interface treats things that rarely change - i.e. a person's name and height, as exactly the same as a thing that changes every day - such as a person's weight.

We know that weight changes regularly and so for a professional e-sport event they are going to weigh you.

The problem I have with Zwift is they don't even ask you. These aren't accidents, UI's encourage certain behaviors, and any large company has usually intentionally funneled user behavior in an advantageous way, and it is highly curious that Zwift will ask a pro their weight before a pro event, but won't ask you what you weight is (meaning before the race, just ask for today's weight). They know if you haven't changed it in a year. If you haven't c hanged it in a year, you've been cheating.

Today's discussion is about height doping. You know who on average is shorter and weighs less - women. Zwift is a business, they are going to want to have participation from women. We are all guessing to an extent, I get that, I don't work at Zwift...but my guess the algorithm is going to advantage shorter and lighter riders in a way that doesn't have any comparison to the real world.

In the real world, I've never looked at a shorter rider and thought 'so lucky'.....ridiculous it isn't any advantage.

OK, back to the UI. You all are upset with someone who changes their weight and drops it by 7kg, but not upset with someone that doesn't change their weight. Someone that doesn't change their weight could very well be cheating by 7kg if not more. People tend to gain weight over time.

These people would be honest if Zwift encouraged honesty, Zwift doesn't. And the same goes with wheel-on trainer calibration. Many trainers exaggerate power as the tension decreases. Have you ever known a tire to air itself up over time? No, it loses air over time.
Again, the UI could just ask you if you calibrated your trainer. It's something. If you paid careful attention to calibration your watts will no be as exaggerated.

Zwift also knows that ZPower numbers are completely fictional. They don't count here, but in the main of Zwift, there is no separation, and are included as if they were as real as any others....Zwift could separate rides, they don't.

So, I'm somewhat harshly critical of Zwift....I think the focus on the hard core cheaters is important. However, the bigger issue is the honest people that are cheating, and wouldn't, if there were more attention paid to it by Zwift.