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adam_qwert wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:11 pm
James Hodges wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:35 pm
There is a small leeway per event and historically to prevent DQ based on minor changes (many likely remeasure their height now to get it more accurate).
Ok, thank you James.
just changed it in my Zwift account. But couldn't find any place to change it on zwifpower account. Does it mean that zwiftpower will automatically take this data from Zwift account?
And this change from now will appear in red during the next activities?
The data will be pulled from Zwift; it may appear in red if it's the lowest you have been but that is normal with any data in a particular field.
Lost 7.2 kg in 7 days. 10.4 kg in 2 weeks. And 5 cm in one day. Suspicious?
radiaator wrote:
Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:38 pm
Lost 7.2 kg in 7 days. 10.4 kg in 2 weeks. And 5 cm in one day. Suspicious?
Yes very suspicious thanks.
This rider lost 30 cm in a week. I want to get this type of diet: :mrgreen:
Horia wrote:
Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:46 pm
This rider lost 30 cm in a week. I want to get this type of diet: :mrgreen:
Thanks and thats the second time she has done it.
Darren Green wrote:
Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:45 pm
Alexander Perdon wrote:
Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:40 pm

Lets take a rider with height 180cm, weight 75kg and FTP is 300 watt and we call him Rider A. Now Rider A will go for height doping and the height is lowered to 160cm. This rider we will call Rider A'. We simulate a ride and here we find that Rider A' is faster than Rider A, like suggested in the first post in this topic. This proves that height doping is possible within Zwift.

But please, don't consider Rider A' as a totally different rider, dont take him as Rider B. He is still the same rider, but just his height is changed. To make this more concrete, while Rider A is quite common you won't easy come accross a rider with height at 160cm, weight 75kg and FTP is 300 watt.
........ <<< just watch.
Hi everyone!
I‘m thankful that Chris has put this video online, I got three statements:
- cheating in the virtual world is common everywhere and people always think, they can get away with this.
- I always wonder, how many fit, small and lightweight riders I see on Zwift. It is just amazing and I don‘t believe it.
- there is also a large number of honest people, but these may not be so visual because of normal numbers.

I am sure, many riders have created new profiles with lower weight and heigh to begin with. I‘m also sure, that you will never meet these cheaters out on the road.

Small episode: I was telling one of my colleagues about zwift and the fact, that it is w/kg based. He said rightway, that he would put an ebike on the trainer! I am sure, you can also find that in Zwift. I told him, that he didn‘t understand the idea of training. I don’t ride for virtual victories.
And still I cannot get it. My height is also marked red in zwift power, I am 190 cm tall IRL and in Zwift.
Sometimes when I pass riders on a workout, I can see, how many watts they push. Mostly these numbers are so low. Nearly nowhere I go, not even on the sportives, I see such an assembly of thin, light, spoke shaped people as in zwift, it is ridiculous. I think, I can only get stronger if I stay with my weight and height and still manage not to get dropped.
When I first heard about weight cheating, I wanted to know for myself and tried to lower my weight by a few kgs only. It gave me exactly the advantage I needed, to make that ride bearable and not to get dropped. Deviation was directly marked red in the table. I changed back to my original weigth and have dropped a few kg in real life instead!

About height cheating. Chris video shows, in my opinion the benefits of being small are overly pronouced, lead to higher benefits than in real life. To compensate more than 2 min difference a sigificantly higher power output is needed.
Other aspects like draft being overbenefitted in groups I think are true as well, but I also think, to become much more accurate with the model will be almost impossible. Everybody always ever thinks, that he is not treated fairly!
I think all in all the model is not so bad and believe me, I get punished on the climes hard! I need to push massive watts uphill and still get dropped by these small insectlike riders, that weigh nothing and are 150 cm tall. But I‘m getting better and better.
What I do not understand: how can someone be that light and small and still manage to produce 10W/kg? On a trainer I cannot reach my outdoor power, because I cannot throw around the bike as much.
My conclusion is:
Train harder and go out on real rides, than you see what is real.
If the e-sports thing has to become real for cyclist and runners, you need independent identification points, who register people and put down wheigt, height and maybe even a windtunnel test to get the numbers right. Everything else is just guessing and it does not make sense to bother too much. As long as it is as now, these things remain virtual.
Another idea came up in my mind. I think many question marks could be removed just by comparing data from zwift with real life ride data from strava. I think, algorithms already can do that.
If someone can push similar watts outside an reaches certain speeds at specified inclinations, these data can be used to finetune the zwift rider model to a rider specific one. Contradictions would pop up right away!
nice couple of posts. zwift to strava irl data is the key here, nail on head with that. too many either dont have strava or have their profiles locked. if you want to race then it should be unlocked for all to see; for me poor trainers are a big issue too several guys on here just upgraded from vortex to Neo, one has dropped two cats from A to C with an approx 80 watt difference :o
to add i can push out over 10 watt per kg plus easily (on neo) if my legs are fresh ish, however if im racing im lucky if i can bush out 6 w per kg in the final sprint as im shot from trying to keep up with lead riders.
I'd like to see local cycle shops link up with Zwift to verify a Zwifters
height, weight, age, sex? and if possible give them a chance to do Zwifts
latest FTP ramp test.
It would be good for Zwifters who wanted to be honest, good for Zwift racing
and for local cycle shops who would charge for the service

It shouldn't take more than a hour hopefully. Take your bike, a few quick
measurements, hook up to their top of the line trainer and job done.

Just a thought.
Some good points but it's hard to judge RL data to Zwift. In RL I personally refuse to go above 30mph at 27 i start to get scared and back off so my average mph is a lot lower than it could be as a result. I'm also the worst corner taker you would ever see, i'm so stiff on the bike i can't relax to take corners at any reasonable pace and lose quite a bit of ground on my friends. I'm guessing but they may be others like me, or others who have equally strange fear factors. All my data is open on strava for people to see, i'm ok at sprinting on Zwift (B cat sprints) and the one place i actually try on RL rides i'm joint top as it's a small incline sprint that doesn't involve me going to fast.
One thing i'd like to see is Zwift to allow zwiftpower verified rider races. That way i don't have to go deep every race chasing a guy who won't show in results.
Also for those guys who complain about light weights beating them up hills, i'm 58 kg and I constantly get hammered up hills by guy's 80-90 kg so i'm not seeing any benefit, i'm not a premium Strava member but i'd be intrigued to see how many 80+ kg riders are beating me up local climbs.
Hopefully one day we get a fair system that suits the majority but until then we can only be responsible for our own integrity.