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It is extremely disheartening to even BOTHER to enter some races, when there are riders entered in your Category that are clearly sandbagging and always get top spots.
When you look at their profiles, including Strava, and see their race history, their heart rate tells a big story... :!: for just one example...

I'm an average cyclists, in Category C and in almost all races try my best. Usually getting placed in top half or third and I'm now getting bumped up into Category B for some race results...I have ZERO chance of winning in Category B :? Here I finish 13th in Category C but got bumped up to B :roll: You can see from my HR that my average was just 9 below my MAX, I was spent!! BUT the person above, was taking it very easy and had an Average HR of JUST 142 until the final sprint were it went up to 214.
If you are ACTUALLY trying in the whole race then your Average HR should not be 50 - 70 % below the maximum. Most people it is 80 - 85% or more.

This happens far too often.

There must be some way of filtering out these riders :x

It takes away any sense enjoyment in competing when you KNOW there are 1,2 or more riders that are just going to take it easy, keeping their w/kg low and win in the end...Almost makes you want to magically put on 5 or 6 KG :(
I feel your pain.

Cat C can be a bit of a shit-show tbh. The example you linked certainly fits the sand bagger profile looking at WKG Category info, heart rate and subtle weight increases.

We are looking at introducing a rankings based category system which would see this guy and others like him elevated to Cat B.

It's not imminent though as some work needs to be done.
I see the point however you cannot always go on heart rate. there are to many dispartites in comparison to power
I think the races should go on power and placings once a rider starts getting higher placings or wins in races
he or her gets bumped up to another category. Simples He's at it again. Not trying but winning. I know his Max HR is 217 but wins this HARD race with max of just 164 that's just 75%. Average of just 137 or 63%. Blatant sandbagger

The race was also spoilt by CHOPPA, CAT A rider. Who is BaltSalts personal DERNY. He deliberately messes with the race then quits near the end.
that christophe guy is bizzare. his HR's are wildly inconsistent from many times over 200 (as a veteran???)and then you see his achievements on strava... ; this guy is NOT a C and he's clearly coasting all his races.
You can also take it as an advantage...your training gets harder and maybe you find some stimulus to get the maximum out of yourself.
Yes, this is true, but the point is when you enter a race ( in the correct Cat ) you want a fair race with a chance of winning.
I just take it as a training and I really don't care if others are fair, I only do care if the simulation is fair....and from my perspective it is far away from that makes me really not care at all if others are fair...Zwift is already unfair within.
He may be sand bagging but those heart rates are wildly inconsistent. the max is 214!
Too inconsistent to be considered evidence.
If his heart rate was always low, he could be an older guy (like me) whose heart rate just does not go above 170, but then I can't reconcile the 200's.
There are none in the 190's so I think it is faulty data.

I'm 55 and I wish I could get to 175 or even 170.
hrt is a personnel genetic thing, being old does not mean you will have a lower hrt, all these equations 220 - age for example are utter nonsense. I am 48 and usually ave 174 to 178 in an hours race with a max up to 188. However i see too many riders with ave hrt of 140 or less during races, this to me is utter nonsense you should be hitting high z3 and z4 for an hours race, suggest to me that whatever turbo they are using is unreliable. ail imho of course.