as the title states this is a SUB2 ride. Look at the 20 min k/wg on and everyone that finished was at 2.2 or HIGHER! the pack leader was well above the 20 min avg at 2.6 k/wg so please dont try to tell us this is a sub2 ride . IT IS NOT. Please stick with the title or change it to a 2.0-3.0 reflect accuracy.....
What are you talking about? The majority of the riders were well below 2.0W/kg, see the Unfiltered page on events.php?zid=228904. I as the ride leader had 1.84 W/kg in average. (You can not find anything in Results because it is a group ride and results are turned off. But you can see inofficial ”results” in Unfiltered.)

You can not look at the Signup page, because the numbers displayed there are the historical numbers from all events for the riders’ that were signed up to the event.
Hi folks,

I propose to change the habit of not showing the results of SZR Knightrider in the event record.

The fence feature helps to avoid flyers and makes N/A obsolete. Even during steady rides below threshold I want to compare my data to previous rides. E.g. lowering heartrate while maintaining average power and normalized power gives a good indication for training progress.

I like the SZR Knightrider as it fits my current fitness level for endurance rides. But the N/A will prevent from future participation.

Thank you for considering my request,
BR Rüdiger