It’s not a bug – it’s an undocumented feature.
I finished the 06:30 "Zwift Academy Race: Climb" earlier today (24 Sep 2018) but the result hasn't shown up in my profile.

If I look at the race info I see that I am listed (Steve Short) as a signup but there aren't any results yet (nearly 11 hours later).

If I click the Liive tab I see that my status is 'Finished'.

If I click the 'Steve Short' link then I see my profile so the signup/result info does seem to be correctly linked to my profile but it's just not showing up there:

So, not sure what's going on: Nothing on the Results tab but the Live tab shows 7 riders as 'Finished' and nothing in my profile for the race.

Best regards,
Steve Short.
A day later and it's now showing. I guess there may have been a delay with the import.