Are the leagues combined as one with 2 races, meaning that if I race the Fri 1pm CST race one week and the 6pm CST race the next would I get 2 results in the league?

Or are the real results on Facebook and the zpower stuff is just set to league defaults?
Matt Wheeler, the best place to ask TFC race questions is The Friday Criterium FB page. Tag Alan Wyers who is the race organizer. Enjoy!
Hi Matt,

The way it works is the league you see on ZP is combined.

The issue with this is that I have culled the results, the more riders mean more points.

The US race has not been so well supported so less points.

Both races are added every week.

As an alternative we also produce results on the fb Friday Criterium page (+ Zwift Racers). These are normally put on at the beginning to mid week as I have to download them into excel and sort them and then my admin guy sorts them out into his spreadsheets..

This has been done in several formats.

There is a TdF type results where you get you finishing time , if you miss a race you get the slowest time in that Cat + 1 min.

There are also league positions per race on that as well.

The EU / US have been indicated in different colours so you can see the difference.

We have tried to produce a range of results so it gives riders a good indication of what they have achieved.

The TdF style is probably the best format as it is the total time you have raced for in the series.

If you are not a member of the Friday Criterium site just apply and I'll accept you.