So today I 'won' a Tour de Zwift Stage 8 at 5.5 watts per kilo....WTF?. All I was doing was massive intervals up box hill, 3 secondsù on, 3 seconds off...well it worked. My dilemma is that it can be construed in the grey area of cheating. I worked the system and beat it somehow. However , there's a guy in BC Canada, a cat 4 racer (I googled his ass) that is pulling 4.8 wpk in the Tour de Zwift stealing wins, just under the CEVA radar so as not to get flagged. This guy wouldn't even finish a real outdoor race in Cat 1 let alone pull 4.8 wpk against them. question/ dilemma is do you just continue along status quo or find a way to make the result more realistic? It feels good to win but delusional at the same time. I know zwift is sort of a game, but hogging all the wins on zwift just ain't cool. Your thoughts anyone? I hate 'cheating' more than I hate electric bikes, and I HATE electric strava stealing bikes...
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I can't comment on the specifics of your 2 examples but I would like to point out a fact.
Riding on Zwift is not the same as riding and racing in real life.
Sure , there is a lot of cross over but there is also an opportunity for a different athlete, with a different set of skills, to succeed.

An example of this, I am at the top of the C class for W/KG. I do not win any races nor do I come close.
There have been a few rides where I actually exceeded the W/KG for class C but these efforts have not come consistently and my average for my last 3 keeps me a class 3.
I don't care what class I am because I always just race myself, the clock and the riders around me regardless of their class.
But it occurred to me, if I GAINED wt, I would stay class C per the W/KG rule and not get bumped up to class B.

That's very odd. A cyclist that sees a reason why they want to gain weight!
It just shows that zwift will let some new athletes ,with different skills ,to succeed.
Kevin Blades wrote:
Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:00 pm
wow top post fella
I wonder what he is trying to say, something like "Hey guys, if you think that I am cheating....I am not...however my wattages do look quite odd....."
Would three second intervals impact the 'variability index' metric, or not?
My first thought to stuff like this is always "it's just a game". And it's a game that takes place over the internet to make it worse. There will be shenanigans.
I think zwiftpower and zwift do a good job of addressing this, but I think it's impossible to police everything and everyone. So you have to focus on your own self because you know exactly what you are or aren't doing. You can see improvements. You get competition. If they are up to shenanigans it's like playing a video game on "extra difficult" so it's a challenge, and since it's just a game who "wins"isn't such a big deal. You can win by having fun while you improve. :mrgreen: It sounds corny but I think it's true.
Yes, like many other online games there are too many variables to make thing fair. To make things clear, I'm not cheating purposely or trying to manufacture a way to win.

I rode at max with a massive heart rate between 168 and 178....I mean , I almost puked several times during the effort but no way that's 5.5wpk...

Also I do think that 3 second intervals impacts the variability index, theres no other way to really explain that I know of presently.

I did gain the usual winter weight but nothing more that 5 pounds or so.

The other guy that I referred to claims he is 83 KILOS....that's 220 pounds and he killed it on the big climbs without gravity.

When I Googled him he looked no more than 150 pounds tops even holding a baby as a figure he juiced up his weight and figured out a way to cheat to keep his wpk under 5. I'm not going out of my way to do that.

I have a friend who is the current provincial champ and he say straight up BS , no cat 4 guy should crank out 4.8wpk.

I guess I'm just pissed that a crappy cat 4 guys needs to validate himself by rigging his zwift ans feel good about winning nefariously.

In the meantime, I'll just ride and get to get some good fitness for the outdoors where it really counts!

PM me if you want more details on that other guy to see for yourself. I won't out him in public cos " I might be a bastard, but I'm not an effing bastard..." quote from Dusk Till Dawn...

Thanks for the input fellas.
I'm more curious about your FTP being stated as 240w yet you have knocked out 300w (374w on your 20min max bar) or more on several occasions. Your last 3 stages look like you should be ranked cat A and not B?
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